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Teil der IACThe Weißensee Kreativstadt, ECC is the largest gallery in Berlin. In escence is an international institution with creative artists, including artists from over 20 countries from five continents.

Currently working here there is around 350 national and international artists, including 50 painters, 15 photographers, as well as 10 product and fashion designers, sculptors and musicians and other visual artists. In addition, there are four stages, the Maxim Gorki Theater, the Theater in Parkaue, other international productions with renowned actors and directors, as well as the upcoming Acting School here.

As a guide is the “Kulturbrauerei” (culture brewery Berlin), the Film City Babelsberg, spinning at Leipzig, as well as other internationally-oriented culture production sites.

The complex of buildings, located in the Town Hall Weißensee, is since 2005 a center of arts and culture, this place works as an influential place in Berlin is a magnet, and by us will be further developed.

There are also the place a culture hall, a canteen, the Artist Café “Sartre” with a large terrace and leisure areas. The plan is a park-like courtyard design, and a kindergarten. The Center serves the population of Weißensee, but also the tourists as recreation and culture. These are art exhibitions, fairs, concerts, films and other events organized. Also we are planning a museum for modern contemporary young art.

A collaboration with universities, especially internationally, the cultural departments of embassies, as well as state and regional cultural institutions, the federal Visual Artists “Bund bildender Künstler” will be intensively promoted. Also, the creative city Weißensee various funding opportunities, such as Scholarships for national and international artists and students, or nonprofit organizations, to support them by different partners and local artists.

The area extends over several hectares in Weißensee, two kilometers away from Prenzlauer Berg and ten minutes from Alexanderplatz (outside of traffic) and has excellent public transport to reach. Discussions with the BVG on a direct tram stop adjacent to the tram depot is planned.

The site has a fascinating history: 1939 by Raspe works as a production facility was built after the war short commandant of the Soviet Union, then a facility of national security, then Revenue. Today it serves the international culture and offers about 400 people work, income and artistic possibilities. We intend in the next few years approximately 50 new staff, including in culture, event, exhibition and catering area. Currently we employ approximately 20 employees and freelancers in partnership with our property managemant to support the local artistst.